X'mas Gifts

About My Gift Packs

All of my gift packs are handmade by me,

and are wrapped beautifully so you can just give it straight to your receiver! 🎁

Small business need your support over this holiday season more than ever!
So if you love to shop small, you came to the right place! 🤍

You should consider Shopping small instead of purchasing your gifts from big brands like Amazon (which gets thousands of orders per month) 📦

Because if you purchase from a small business not only you make your receiver happy, but also the small business owner! (me 🥰)

Shop Small This Holiday Season

  • Instead of shopping at big stores that get thousands of orders per month, you could support a small business that sells handmade things, because it will 100% make their day! 📦
  • You will receive a package which is wrapped with love and care. 🙌🎁
  • You will make not only yourself or the person you are gifting to happy, but also the small business owner! ✨🥰